Welcome to the hub of creative inspiration for health, healing and happiness!

This platform is here to provide you with inspiration to get MOVING, CREATING, SOUL SEARCHING AND CONNECTING BACK TO YOURSELF through full length yoga flows, tutorials, art journal prompts & techniques and creative exercises (and a few other topics explained below!). Each season we explore a different theme through movement, art, self reflection and inspiration to connect you back to your body, your breath and your fullest potential!

What you'll get to help you on your journey


Each season explore a series of meditations connected to the theme, designed to create some space in your head, some peace in your heart and a deeper sense of self-awareness.


Dive deep into the current theme with some thought provoking questions, soul-searching prompts and a little guidance to get you to the core of what is holding you back from being your most awesome self!

 Find your tribe! Join the private community where you will find amazing like-minded people ready to help, share and keep you accountable to being the best version of yourself.

In this area you will find in-depth break-downs of various poses (basic to advanced), breathing techniques and other little tidbits explained simply and clearly for a safe and well-rounded yoga practice.

Themed prompts, ideas and creative DIYs. Largely based on art-journaling, but including a variety of modalities to get your hands dirty, making, painting, doodling, gluing, inking and creating!

The inspiration station! Expect links to thoughtful podcast recommendations, interesting articles, visually stimulating works or anything else that may spark some inspiration for the current theme.


Let's MOVE! Full length yoga flow videos centred on the season theme to follow at home. Short and sweet 10 minute practices all the way to delicious hour-long flows - dynamic to restorative, sweaty to cozy! Move, sweat, stretch, breathe, restore!


Tasks to get you out into the community, to prompts and exercises to get you digging deeper into what makes you YOU. This is the space where we get grateful, fired up, ready to let stuff go and on a mission to connect, give, share and love more!


Explore the "inner workings" of yoga (and life) in a fun and easily accessible way that makes psychology, 'self-help' and the ancient teachings of yoga relevant to your modern life and busy mind!



Ché - your love and passion for yoga has re-ignited mine... ten-fold. Thank you so much for your love and joyous presence. 


I feel privileged to have had the time to spend a whole week with you, learning from you. Keep doing what you're doing. You're changing the world one heart at a time with your beautiful positive vibe through yoga.


You have such a special gift and I truly believe that you're changing people and the world wherever you go. Your positive energy is beautiful. 


My heart is open and I work every day to keep it so. I am, and forever will be, eternally grateful for Che's guidance, enthusiasm, care and attention because she really and truly has changed my life.


I got in touch with the creative child, one not afraid of failure when she sets out to explore her big ideas. I learned about connections between my body and mind, connections that--once tapped into--allowed me to understand myself a little bit better.


I love life at the moment. I am a little worried that I have so much fresh perspective that I almost irritate people with sharing, I try to hold back a little 🙂 But life in general is amazing when you have perspective


Ché is just wonderful. She strikes the balance between listening and guiding and woo-woo and scientific perfectly! The weekly prompts were varied, fun and insightful. A perfect way to give yourself the time and space to delve deeper...


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Get your learning on

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Beginners guide to meditation

A 5 day audio guide with 4 different techniques.

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personal development plan

Voyage to Soul: Claudia + Kirsti

A guided self discovery journey through yoga, meditation, journal prompts, self love and creative exercises.

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S1 Happiness: Yoga Flows

Yoga Flows from the Happiness Season

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